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What’s is in an Apate Cloud Solution?

Solutions are fully customizable and scalable to meet the changing needs of your business. We can provide any combination or all of these services:

​IT Consulting and Comprehensive Support
​Computer Hardware
​Computer Software
​Managed Network Services
Industry Compliant Security, Monitoring, and Management
​Server Colocation
Off-Site Secure File Storage and Backup
Website Migration
​Web and Email Hosting

Rapid Elasticity and Scalability
Service Impact, Alerting, and Analytics
Improved Security
No Large Upfront Capital Investment
Reduced Software Costs
Reduced Spending for IT Support
Higher Quality Cloud Servers and Network Hardware
Reduced Risk and Operational Complexity
Improve Service Quality and Experience
Easier Mobile Access
The Latest Technologies
Private, Public, and Hybrid Deployment Models
SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and BPaaS Delivery Models
Amazon AWS, MS Azure
Apache, NGINX, RHEL, Ubuntu, SuSE etc.
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, SQL Server Web, etc.
Memcached, Redis, or Varnish Cache Servers
APC and Zend OPcache PHP Caches
PHP, MySQL, MySQLi, PostgreSQL
Development Sandboxes
Bootstrap 3
And More…

  • Positive IT Opinions 91%
  • Corporations Already in the Cloud 42%
  • Corporations in the Evaluation Stage 38%
  • Corporations Preferring Private Cloud 63%
  • Outsourcing IaaS Infrastructure Growth 38%
Source: Zenoss

What Can We Migrate?


All server environments and operating systems. NGINX and Apache web servers. Any of the most popular flavors of Linux such as Red Hat Enterprise, Ubuntu, etc.

HTTP, Reverse Proxy, FastCGI, etc. We can also help you transition to a new operating system.


MySQL, MySQLi, PostgreSQL, Oracle.

Apate can also help you make the transition from one database to another using PDO, or abstraction and data access layers.


Mail proxy servers, MX records, etc. Transactional email and marketing messages.


We address the challenges of increasing volume and velocity of digital information. A comprehensive portfolio of cloud services to help you manage big data by reducing costs and scaling to meet demand.

Cluster Compute, or Cluster GPU servers, a no up-front cost payment model, and a global infrastructure.


Content Management Systems, SaaS apps, or custom apps.

WordPress, Drupal, or change from WordPress to Drupal, or vice versa.

Data & Files

Backup and archiving. Content storage and distribution. Disaster recovery. Durable and secure. Scalable.

On site applications and hardware are costly and expensive to maintain which can therefore inhibit business agility. Individuals and corporates alike are increasingly moving to cloud solutions that overcome these challenges. They seek a sound methodology to migrate to the cloud without putting their enterprise at risk. Research shows that over 75% of enterprises have a cloud migration strategy. Is your organization prepared?


IT Savings


Risk Mitigation


App Development


Cost Reduction

2013 Cloud Migration Statistics

1. Discovery & Assessment

Review the migration in detail. Assess applications and workloads for cloud readiness to determine what applications and data can – and cannot – be readily moved to a cloud environment and what delivery models (public, private, or hybrid) can be supported. Address concerns.

2. Planning & Scheduling

Develop the approach. Address technical considerations along with security and privacy requirements. The migration will vary time wise according to the size and complexity of your environment.

3. Provision Solutions

The solution is built. Servers. Storage. Disaster Recovery. Everything that was specified is implemented. Provision standard and custom business applications. Testing and training.

4. Cut Over

Migrate everything – email, applications, documents – from in-house servers or from another provider. DNS records have been created, and once propagated, the new environment seamlessly will go live.

Website Migration Work Flow

5. Maintenance

Provide whatever level of transitional support that your organization may need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clients do you work with?
As a freelance firm we work with anyone, schedule permitting. We work with individuals and corporations alike. Typical customers range from bloggers and small businesses (restaurants, attorneys, construction firms, etc) to companies employing reverse proxy servers and utilizing distributed edge servers. We know our technical abilities and will honestly relay our capabilities to you.
Can I Migrate to Other Cloud Providers?
Yes. Apate is partnered with Amazon’s Web Services but you are free to select a provider of your own choosing.
What is your turn around time?
Simple websites can typically be moved and pointed to the new server within a couple of hours. Larger application-based sites take more time and require more steps, which may vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of applications and databases.
How much does a migration cost?
A simple, single website migration can cost as little as $99. This price can vary depending on additional services required (shopping carts, cgi-scripts, databases, email, 3rd-party application services, etc.). We can offer volume site migration discounts if you have multiple sites on the same source server.

If you don’t see your issue listed here, please contact us to address your inquiry directly.

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