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Initial Consultation

First, we’ll get to know each other a bit. You’ll begin by filling out a simple online questionnaire about your project. Then we’ll discuss additional details by email.

Server Configuration

A fully configured Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud server (requires Amazon’s Free Usage Tier). This is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It serves as your hosting service (without the limitations), and is designed to make cloud computing easier for startups. Perfect for bloggers and writers, and scalable as your web traffic and expertise increase.

Additional Cloud Services

I’ll configure additional services that are included on Amazon’s Free Usage Tier. This includes 5GB of Amazon’s S3, which is scalable cloud storage, the CloudFront CDN (content delivery network) which uses geographically positioned edge servers to deliver your online content faster, and Amazon’s ElastiCache service utilizing Memcached, which will improve the performance of the WordPress installation. I also configure any DNS records for your domain name and email servers (requires a registered domain name and email in advance).

WordPress Installation

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS (content management system). 74.6 million sites currently depend on WordPress. I’ll install and configure this software on your pre-configured cloud server.


WordPress currently comes bundled with 3 free themes. These standard WordPress themes are nice but a premium theme makes your website stand out from the rest. I can install your choice of theme purchased from one of the designers listed below or from wherever else that you may find a theme to your liking.

Elegant Themes
StudioPress Themes for WordPress

Plugin Configuration

Plugins make WordPress do even more, adding additional functionality to the core install. Your new website will include some of the most popular plugins available for WordPress.

Social Media

Everybody’s social nowadays, liking this and sharing that! Your website will have social media features on all blog posts so readers can easily like, tweet and share your articles with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other social media networks.

Contact Form

Using a contact form instead of simply displaying your email address looks more professional and helps reduce spam. Your new website will include a contact form so visitors can easily contact you by submitting their information directly on your website.


I won’t leave you hanging. I include 2 months of the SiteCare® Advantage – Premium Maintenance Service which includes email support. Perfect for an easy online transition.

Are you a writer or blogger looking to setup a blog quickly and easily? I’m now offering a great-value WordPress Blog Setup service for writers, authors and bloggers. The package includes all the basic essentials to get your online presence up and running so you can concentrate on what you do best – creating great content!

WordPress is easy to learn but sometimes it helps to have a helping hand. Feel free to make use of my Blog and the Resources at your disposal, including WordPress ebook downloads and the video tutorials.

* Please note this is for self hosted WordPress blogs only, not WordPress.com sites.
** Customization of theme, addition of any other content, email or website support other than indicated is not included. If you need any of these services, please contact me for a quote.
*** Requires registering for the Amazon Free Usage Tier.

Divi WordPress Theme
StudioPress Theme of the Month

Business Setup

Up and Running Quickly…

My Business Setup Package is designed to get you up and running quickly with a professional image and web presence, without blowing your budget.   It represents great value and can help you get started and noticed in a crowded marketplace. You might be able to find a cheaper, offshore solution but I can pretty much guarantee you won’t be as happy with the result. Of course, this package can also be customized and added to if you have additional requirements – just ask me!

And with AWS you can replace your upfront capital expense with low variable cost and pay only for the resources you consume. AWS’s economies of scale, and efficiency improvements, allow AWS to continually lower prices, while multiple pricing models allow you to optimize your costs for both variable and stable workloads.

WordPress Business Setup

Establish Your Online Presence

Scalable With Your Changing Needs


♦ No Upfront Infrastructure Investment
♦ Low Ongoing Cost
♦ Flexible Capacity
♦ Speed & Agility
♦ Global Reach

Website Consultation

An initial consultation to address any questions that you may have. I will also get additional information with regards to your business objectives and what you want your new site to achieve for you.

Server Configuration

A fully configured Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud server (Amazon M3 Medium instance is recommended). This is an on demand cloud hosting/server solution priced at $0.05 per hour with a 1-Year term. That equates to $36.50 per month.  Elastically scale to meet demand. CloudFront low-latency content delivery. Easily switch between Amazon’s pricing plans, up or down dependent on your needs, with just a couple of mouse clicks. Load balancing between multiple instances. Archival storage and data protection.

Security and Optimizations

Harden your server and reduce the it’s vulnerability footprint. Optimize server for throughput and efficiency.

Additional Cloud Services

Configure any additional AWS services that may be beneficial to your business. This includes but not restricted to Amazon’s S3 scalable cloud storage, the CloudFront CDN (content delivery network), Elastic Block Store (failure proof replication),  Relational Database Service, and Amazon SES email sending service. I’ll also configure your DNS records and domain name to point to your new server

WordPress Installation

I’ll install the most current version of WordPress and harden the installation against the common forms of vulnerabilities and security oversights that make websites subject to attack.

Premium Theme

I’ll install your choice of one premium WordPress theme from one of following designers.
Elegant Themes
StudioPress Themes for WordPress
I am affiliated with these designers and if you select one of these themes, it is included in the setup price.

Site Content

I’ll upload up to 10 pages of website content. I’ll resize and optimize your images and properly place your textual content. This includes any logo uploads, minor graphic work, and color specific CSS coding. I’ll also SEO Optimize those pages and give you 2 minor revisions.

Plugin Configuration

Plugins make WordPress do even more, kind of like apps on your smartphone. Your new website will include some of the most popular plugins available for WordPress.

Social Media

Social media is a component of search engine algorithms. I’ll be sure to integrate your new business website with all of your social media accounts.

Google Analytics

Includes setup and integration of Google Analytics with your website (free Google account required). This will provide you with web traffic reports, statistics, and analytical tools to help you improve your SEO and marketing efforts.

Contact Form Integration

I’ll include the premium Gravity Forms for WordPress plugin with the Developer License. This will allow PayPal integration, MailChimp, Signatures, Coupons, and much more. It’s a $240 value and can be styled to fit your chosen theme!


2 months of the SiteCare® Advantage – Enterprise Maintenance Service which includes 24/7 Uptime and Performance Monitoring and email support to stand behind you and your new business site.

* This is for self hosted business website, not a WordPress.com site.
** Customization of theme, addition of any other additional content, email or website support other than indicated in the Business Setup Package is not included. I will however, work with you within reason. If you need additional services, please contact me for a quote.
*** Amazon hosting fees and domain registration fees are not included. These are recurring costs.

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